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About our board

High quality wood

For our chopping boards we only use top-quality, first-grade WOODS as well as certified provenance.

Finishing down to the smallest detail

We hand-finish all details to give you the best result

Possibility to customise

Wide choice of structural and functional customisations


of production and experience

OVER 1900

satisfied customers

3 Years

of warranty

20 types

of wood used

Top products

Our customers loved these boards the most, so we put them together in one selection.

Beeswax Repair Maintenance Cream
  • Type:
    Protection cream
  • Customizable:
From €19.00
VENUS Black Cutting Board
  • Type:
    End Grain cutting board
  • Customizable:
From €149.00
White OAK end grain cutting board
  • Type:
    End Grain cutting board
  • Customizable:
From €76.00
USA Flag end grain cutting Board
  • Type:
    End Grain cutting board
  • Customizable:
From €350.00

Handcrafted production of

Wooden cutting boards

At ProWoodCut we consider it essential to start with high-quality construction and materials.

We choose only extremely hard solid woods, which are less likely to be attacked by wear and moisture, such as beech, maple, ash, oak, mahogany, etc.

   In addition, we preferred an END GRAIN construction, the most widely used and appreciated by professionals, in which the wood fibres are arranged perpendicular to the cutting plane: this structure prevents the knives from losing their edge too quickly.

The wooden parts are glued with professional glue and certified for safe food contact.

We want to ensure that our products follow and respect the lines of design, beauty and solidity that we have set ourselves: the entire production chain takes no less than a week for each cutting board.

Watching video about manufacture

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The advantages of our boards

Our completely Made in Italy craftsmanship takes care of every detail in the production of our products to give you the best wooden chopping boards on the national and European market.

Certified wood

We select the best certified wood suppliers around, whose professionalism guarantees the origin of the wood, seasoning and wide selection of wood types that we turn into chopping boards and other high-design products for your kitchen.

complete personaliazable

In addition to the classic checkerboard or single-wood chopping boards, you can choose chopping boards that can be customised using the technique - INLAY WOOD- whereby the wood is inserted approximately 6 mm deep to create your customised logo or lettering on the surface of your chopping board.

unique and highly versatile designs

Each handcrafted chopping board is studied down to the smallest detail from the design phase to its realisation. Of course, it is possible to order different natural shades as well as shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

you will receive not only a chopping board

Together with the chopping board you will receive special cream for the maintenance of it and regeneration of the wood fibres to make it shine as brightly as on the first day of its life



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Comparison of boards

Plastic board
Plastic board
rate ProWoodCut


Low price, Can be purchased at every dish store


The chemical composition is not useful for the human body. The board absorbs toxic substances.

Glass board
Glass board
rate ProWoodCut


Beautiful presentation, Easy to clean


Damages knife blade, Breaks easily with heat surge, Can chip micro-cracks

Classic Wooden board
Classic Wooden board
rate ProWoodCut


Sustainable, commonly used material


Tends to deform, leaves surface marks, often of low quality

end grain cutting board
end grain cutting board
rate ProWoodCut


Eco-friendly, modern designs, protects knives


High cost, longest production time

maintenance of wooden cutting board

take care of you kitchen cutting board following this simple rules

Wooden cutting boards are an essential tool in every kitchen, used for cutting fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. But to ensure their efficiency and durability, it is important to pay attention to regular maintenance. In this article, we will explore some useful tips for maintaining wooden chopping boards.

Regular washing The first step in maintaining a wooden chopping board is to wash it regularly after each use. Use warm water and dish soap to clean it thoroughly. Make sure to remove any food residue and dry the cutting board completely before storing it.

Avoid immersion in water Avoid immersing the cutting board in water for a long time, as water can cause the wood to warp and crack. In addition, water can penetrate the cutting board and cause mould and bacteria to form.

Use a natural disinfectant To prevent the growth of bacteria, use a natural disinfectant such as white vinegar or lemon juice. These natural products help disinfect the cutting board without damaging the wood.

Wood preservation oil Chopping board wood can dry out and crack if it is not regularly oiled. Use a wood preserving oil to protect the wood and prolong its life. Linseed or almond oil are good choices for maintaining wooden cutting boards.

Avoid direct exposure to sun and heat Avoid exposing the wooden cutting board to heat and direct sunlight, as this can cause the wood to warp. Also, avoid using the cutting board as a trivet.

Avoid using harsh chemicals Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia to clean the wooden cutting board. These products can damage the wood and cause cracks to form.

Replacing the chopping board As soon as the chopping board starts to show signs of wear and obvious cut marks, it is important to replace it. A damaged chopping board can harbour bacteria and other pathogens, causing hygiene and health problems.

In conclusion, regular maintenance of wooden cutting boards is essential to prolong their life and ensure their efficiency. Washing regularly, using a natural disinfectant, oiling regularly and avoiding direct exposure to heat and harsh chemicals are some of the measures that can help keep chopping boards in good condition. In addition, replacing the chopping board


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions

Basically, not all our chopping boards lend themselves well to customisation.

We at ProWoodCut use the INLAY technique for customising our cutting boards, which means that the wood is inserted approximately 5-6 millimetres deep into the wood, which guarantees extreme durability of the customisation. 

To better understand how it works you can watch our video where everything is explained step by step. 

Or in the Shop section select the filter - CUSTOMISABLE

ProWoodCut chopping boards can be made to order in any SIZE from the smallest size for use in the home kitchen 25x20 cm up to extremely LARGE sizes e.g. 100x60 cm.

Obviously, the cost varies depending on the size. 

The same applies to the SHAPE of the cutting board - we can make both square and round cutting boards or other geometric shapes.

For a PERSONALISED CHOPPING BOARD using the inlay technique (when wood is carved inside the wood) it usually takes between 7 and 10 working days.

The time needed to carry out all the steps of the production process - starting with the development and digitisation of the logo in vector format and then the processing of the inserts in differently coloured wood that creates the contrast and defines the logo itself.

It should be borne in mind that if the LOGO is extremely complex and large, the time may vary and increase on purpose.