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BBQ Custom end grain cutting Board BIG IKE BBQ


We made this huge custom solid oak cutting board with the BIG IKE BBQ logo inlaid in 6mm padouk wood as a must-have attribute of the true BBQ Addicted. Size 50x35 made of end grain that ensures long knife life and leaves no cutting marks. find out all the details and contact us for YOUR custom cutting board from ProWoodCut.

ProWoodCut's Custom Cutting Board: A Marvel for BBQ Lovers

Are you a BBQ enthusiast in search of the perfect gadget to complete your grilling setup? Or perhaps you're hunting for an exclusive gift for a friend who lives and breathes everything BBQ? The answer might be closer than you think.

ProWoodCut, renowned for its woodworking excellence, has recently unveiled one of its latest masterpieces: a sizable custom cutting board that marries functionality and style in one cohesive piece. This isn't just any cutting board, but a collector's item for every BBQ aficionado.

A Tribute to Big Ike BBQ

Front and center, the standout feature of this board is the inlay of the "BIG IKE BBQ" logo. Crafted from padouk wood, the logo stands out at a thickness of 6mm, making it a clear and unmistakable detail. This particular inlay not only provides a touch of class but also serves as a tribute to the iconic Big Ike, making the board a must-have for true enthusiasts.

Quality and Functionality

Beyond the design, what truly sets this cutting board apart is its construction. Made from solid oak wood, it promises sturdiness and longevity. Its dimensions of 50x35 cm make it large enough to tackle any culinary challenge, but what truly stands out is its end-grain design.

End-grain cutting boards are known for their ability to resist scarring, keeping the surface smooth and untouched even after repeated use. Moreover, they're particularly kind to knife blades, ensuring they remain sharper for longer.

Why Choose ProWoodCut

When it comes to woodworking, ProWoodCut stands for quality. The care and attention to detail are evident in every piece they craft. And this cutting board is no exception. If you desire an item that blends functionality, design, and personal touch, look no further.

Interested in owning such an exclusive piece or wish to craft a custom cutting board for yourself or a friend? Reach out to ProWoodCut and discover how they can turn your vision into reality.

In the BBQ world, details matter. And with this custom cutting board by ProWoodCut, your grilling corner has never looked so stylish and functional.