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Professional and huge PERSONALIZED CUTTING BOARD by friends BBQ LAB. Made in 2021 it is doing onerously its service during all courses in the evocative courtyard of BBQ Oasis. Size 60x40 in dark Thermofrass wood with logo obviously inlaid 6 mm deep to enhance the BRAND. CONTROFIBRE wood makes it extremely resistant to the various cuts it undergoes during Show Cooking and yet it is always in splendid shape. Contact us for YOUR professional or classic cutting board.


BBQ LAB, located in Arosio, is a store and showroom dedicated to the world of barbecue. This unique space houses a wide range of brand manufacturers of barbecue devices, offering enthusiasts a complete experience to explore and appreciate the art of barbecue.

Exploring products:
At BBQ LAB, barbecue lovers can immerse themselves in a world of high-quality equipment and accessories, like ProWoodCut's custom cutting boards. The store is home to many well-known brands in the industry, offering a selection of grills, smokers, thermometers, and many other essential tools to achieve optimal results in one's grilling.

Courses and show cooking:
BBQ LAB is not only a store, but also a place of learning and sharing for barbecue culture. The company organizes courses, workshops and hands-on demonstrations led by industry experts. These opportunities offer enthusiasts the chance to gain knowledge, learn new cooking techniques, and discover tips and tricks to improve their barbecue skills.

Promoting barbecue culture:
BBQ LAB is actively committed to spreading barbecue culture in Italy. Through events, collaborations with local chefs and participation in industry trade shows, the company aims to educate, inspire and engage barbecue enthusiasts. It helps create a community where people can share their passion, exchange ideas and find new sources of inspiration.