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BBQ LAB White Edition customized chopping board


BBQ LAB, the sanctuary for barbecue lovers in Milan, boasts among its distinctive pieces a customized end-grain cutting board by ProWoodCut. This cutting board, enriched by the inlaid logo of BBQ LAB, is an essential element for every barbecue enthusiast. Visit BBQ LAB to discover the barbecue culture and appreciate the wonderful customized cutting board by ProWoodCut. This Customized Chopping Board 60x40 large size in ash wood with the elegant frame in national walnut and the logo inlaid in wenge


ProWoodCut's Customized Cutting Board: A Must for BBQ LAB Enthusiasts

In the heart of Milan, there's a place that has become a veritable sanctuary for barbecue enthusiasts: BBQ LAB. This place isn't just a large store filled with barbecue-related products, but it has become a hub for events, courses, and a passionate barbecue community.

When it comes to BBQ LAB, one cannot overlook one of their most distinctive pieces: a customized end-grain cutting board made by ProWoodCut. This cutting board is not just an essential utensil for any barbecue lover but a veritable cult object for those who appreciate the art of grilling.

ProWoodCut, a brand renowned for its craftsmanship in woodwork, has designed this cutting board specifically for BBQ LAB. The end-grain structure provides superior cut resistance and significantly longer durability compared to traditional cutting boards, while BBQ LAB's logo is inlaid directly onto the wood surface with meticulous attention to detail.

This unique piece is not just functional but is also aesthetically pleasing. The inlaid logo stands out for its precision and its beauty, turning the cutting board into a veritable work of art.

Every time you use this cutting board, you can feel the dedication and passion that BBQ LAB puts into each event and course they organize. It's a tangible reminder of the barbecue culture that BBQ LAB has helped to create and spread.

Visit BBQ LAB for a unique experience and to get an up-close look at ProWoodCut's customized cutting board. It's not just a place where you can purchase everything you need for the perfect barbecue, but a place where you can learn, share, and celebrate the art of barbecuing. And a high-quality cutting board, like the one offered by ProWoodCut, is a must for any barbecue enthusiast.