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Big Flavour ed. 2023 Personalized cutting board


At ProWoodCut, we're all about embracing tradition. Every year, for the colossal BBQ LAB event, we craft a magnificent custom solid wood cutting board using the end-grain technique. For the 45x30 cm base, we've chosen ash wood, which is a perfect fit for a professional cutting board for BBQ enthusiasts. What makes this cutting board truly exceptional are the meticulously inlaid logos: BBQ Lab, Big Green Egg, ProWoodCut, and, most importantly, BIG Flavour. Just like the enduring quality of mahogany inlay, the memory of this beautiful event will be etched in our minds for years to come.

Big Flavour Event: Crafting Culinary Excellence with ProWoodCut's Custom Cutting Boards

In the picturesque town of Arosio, Italy, an extraordinary event unfolds each year, uniting BBQ aficionados from far and wide. This epic gathering, aptly named "Big Flavour," is a celebration of all things BBQ. Hosted by the renowned BBQ Lab, this event has evolved into a gastronomic battleground where BBQ teams vie for supremacy in three culinary categories. Now in its third year, Big Flavour has become an annual spectacle, growing in excitement and grandeur with each edition.

ProWoodCut: Crafting Excellence in Woodwork

ProWoodCut, a creative haven for artisanal woodwork, has been an integral part of the Big Flavour event. As passionate artisans, we embrace the art of end-grain cutting boards, and each year, we contribute by offering three of our personalized cutting boards to the victorious team. This unique prize has become a coveted symbol of BBQ mastery.

The 2023 Masterpiece: A Symphony in Ash Wood

This year, our craftspeople meticulously designed a cutting board in ash wood, measuring 45x35 cm. The choice of ash, known for its durability and beautiful grain patterns, reflects the commitment to creating a professional-quality cutting board for BBQ enthusiasts.

End-Grain Technique: The Epitome of Quality

The cutting board was crafted using the end-grain technique, also known as "contre-filet" or "controfibra" in Italian. This method involves arranging wood pieces with the grain facing upward. It results in a cutting surface that's not only exceptionally resilient but also stunning in appearance. The end-grain technique allows for the absorption of knife marks, ensuring the longevity of the board.

Meticulous Inlays: An Artistic Flourish

What truly sets this cutting board apart are the masterful inlays of various logos, including BBQ Lab, the event's sponsor, and Big Green Egg, renowned for its top-tier kamado grills. Our own ProWoodCut logo, representing craftsmanship and quality, adorns one corner of the board. At the center, in grandeur, rests the emblem of the event itself – Big Flavour 2023.

A Tradition of Excellence

The cutting board crafted by ProWoodCut is not just a prize; it's a testament to the spirit of culinary artistry that Big Flavour embodies. It symbolizes the perfect balance between beauty and function, durability, and aesthetics. It's an artisanal masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of the event and the art of BBQ.

Get Your Personalized Cutting Board

For those who wish to experience the artistry of ProWoodCut in their own kitchens, we offer a range of personalized cutting boards on our website. Crafted with the same dedication and attention to detail as the Big Flavour masterpiece, these boards are an ideal addition to any culinary journey.

Unleash your inner BBQ artist and explore the world of ProWoodCut's personalized cutting boards. Order your own today and bring a touch of culinary elegance to your home.