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Chef's Francesco Gaggioli personalized cutting board

Francesco Gaggioli

This beautiful CUSTOM cutting board created by ProWoodCut in solid ash wood for Chef Francesco Gaggioli is definitely the most identifying tool in the Chef's kitchen as it bears his signature across the full width at the bottom. Same signature is not laser engraved, but permanently inlaid deep into very hard wenge wood that will not erase with time. You, too, choose one of our beautiful custom ProWoodCut end grain cutting boards.


Welcome to the culinary world of Chef Francesco Gaggioli, a renowned Italian chef born in 1990 who has turned his passion for cooking into a successful career. Not only is he a talented chef, but Francesco is also a popular influencer on social media, with a significant following on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.


Now, Chef Francesco Gaggioli is excited to introduce his Custom Cutting Board, a premium Artisan product made by ProWoodCut. This cutting board is not just a kitchen utensil, but a true work of art, reflecting the aesthetic and attention to detail that Francesco brings to his kitchen.


Our Prowoodcut cutting boards are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Chef Francesco Gaggioli's custom cutting board is no exception. Made from high-quality ash wood, the cutting board offers a superior cutting experience, withstanding time and heavy use.


But Chef Francesco Gaggioli's Custom Artisan Cutting Board is much more than a functional kitchen utensil. It is also a design piece, with Francesco's name carefully engraved on it. It is the perfect accessory for any kitchen and an ideal gift for food and cooking lovers.


We invite all cooking enthusiasts to discover Chef Francesco Gaggioli's Personalized Artisan Cutting Board, a perfect combination of functionality and style. Not only will it take your cooking to the next level, it will also bring you a little closer to the world of Chef Francesco Gaggioli. Order your cutting board today and begin your culinary journey with Francesco.