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Custom Cutting board - All antico Vinaio - End grain wood

All'antico Vinaio

Beautiful handcrafted cutting board made by ProWoodCut from solid Ash End Grain wood with American BlackWalnut wood framed bard. The real special feature of this PERSONALIZED CUTTING BOARD are the inscriptions dedicated to the famous venue that are inlaid - that is, they are inserted inside the base of the cutting board and not engraved or drawn. We had immense pleasure to personally drop by the Florence venue and deliver it directly to the venue and enjoy Tommaso's delicious schiacciata.

ProWoodCut and All'Antico Vinaio: A Custom Cutting Board that Captures the Flavor of Florence

Located in the heart of beautiful Florence, All'Antico Vinaio is a culinary treasure that every food enthusiast should visit at least once in their lifetime. This establishment, known for its generous and delicious Tuscan sandwiches, is a staple for locals and tourists from around the globe. And now, thanks to ProWoodCut, the name of All'Antico Vinaio can find its place in your kitchens as well.

ProWoodCut, renowned for its skill in creating quality wooden products, is pleased to present a custom cutting board made for All'Antico Vinaio. This cutting board, crafted with the end-grain technique to ensure durability and resilience, is further enhanced with the intricately inlaid logo of All'Antico Vinaio.

Just as All'Antico Vinaio's sandwiches are famous for the quality of their ingredients and their love for Florentine culinary tradition, this cutting board represents a union of quality and passion. The thermo-treated ash and maple wood used in its creation not only ensure a high-quality product but also add a touch of natural elegance to every kitchen.

The inlaid logo, unique and unmistakable, transforms this cutting board into a symbol of love for Tuscan cooking and an homage to the Florentine culinary tradition, elements that All'Antico Vinaio ardently defends and promotes.

Creating a cutting board for All'Antico Vinaio was a tribute from ProWoodCut to their dedication to culinary art. Our cutting board thus becomes a symbol of respect and admiration, a unique piece that combines functionality and elegance, durability and beauty.

A ProWoodCut cutting board is the ideal choice for those who desire a product that combines quality, style, and longevity. Just like All'Antico Vinaio, make your cutting board an extension of your passion for cooking and a tribute to your dedication to culinary art.

Remember: choosing a ProWoodCut cutting board means choosing excellence, attention to detail, and passion. Just like All'Antico Vinaio did.