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Custom Cutting board • FOOD • Barbecue & CBT

Danilo Bussone

Solid wood chopping board made of olive ash END GRAIN and enclosed with an elegant frame of National Walnut. Massive 60x40 size allows DANILO BUSSONE to use it for all his preparations, even a whole BRISKET goes on it. Customised chopping board then with the FOOD Barbecue & CBT logo inlaid 6 mm deep with wenge wood. We are delighted to see this PROWOODCUT CUTTER on almost every video on Danilo's YouTube channel.


The 'Food Barbecue CBT' channel is dedicated to cooking and barbecuing, with a wide range of video tutorials showing how to prepare tasty recipes using fire and smoke to create intense and deep flavours. The owner of the channel, Danilo Bussone, is a barbecue and CBT enthusiast with years of experience in preparing meat and other foods with this cooking method. And he definitely could not deprive himself of a custom end-grain cutting board by ProWoodCut for his channel, which not only adds to the artistic side, but also functional for all his recipes, giving more life to the blades of his knives.

The channel offers a wide range of content, including tutorials on how to light and manage a barbecue, recipes for meat, fish and vegetables, tips on how to choose the best ingredients, and much more. In addition, the videos are made with great attention to quality and presentation, which makes the viewing experience even more enjoyable.

If you are a barbecue and cooking enthusiast looking for new ideas and tips, the 'Food Barbecue CBT' channel is definitely a good place to start. The videos are informative and well presented, and the channel owner is always available to answer questions from his viewers.