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Custom Cutting board Joe's American BBQ Milano

Joe's American BBQ

The custom cutting board is the result of a collaboration between Joe Bastianich and ProWoodCut that created a unique piece that reflects the soul of Joe's American BBQ. Each logo carving is precisely executed, while the solidity and beauty of the solid wood give the cutting board an aura of rustic elegance. It is a design element that adds a touch of personality to the venue and attracts the attention of every guest. In addition to its charming aesthetic, the custom handcrafted cutting board is also a functional component of Joe's American BBQ kitchen. It is ideal for presenting tasty dishes to customers, ensuring a flawless serving experience. In addition, the solid wood provides a durable surface that protects knife blades and keeps the food properties of ingredients intact.


Welcome to the heart of Milan, where the art of American barbecue blends with craftsmanship to create a unique dining experience. Joe's American BBQ, the celebrated BBQ joint in Milan founded by Joe Bastianich, is a true paradise for lovers of fine cuisine. One of the most distinctive elements of this iconic restaurant is the beautiful handcrafted ProWoodCut's solid wood custom cutting board with the inlaid logo, which embodies the passion for excellence and attention to detail of Joe Bastianich and his team.

Joe's American BBQ is more than just a restaurant. It is a gustatory journey through the authentic flavors of American barbecue, telling stories of culinary tradition and innovation. Each dish is carefully prepared using high-quality ingredients and cooking techniques honed over the years. But what really makes Joe's American BBQ unique is the cozy, convivial atmosphere that invites guests to relax and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience.