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Custom cutting board of Dal Massimo Goloso

Dal Massimo Goloso

Unique and Majestic handcrafted cutting board size 60x40 made of fine dark USA Walnut wood with - Dal Massimo Goloso - Butcher Shop logo made in 6mm deep inlay. At ProWoodCut, we offer customized cutting boards that combine unique aesthetics with practical functionality. Handmade from robust Black Walnut wood, these pieces serve as much as a tribute to "Dal Massimo Goloso" butcher shop, as they are high-quality kitchen accessories. With a logo meticulously inlaid through a high-precision process, these cutting boards are not just functional items, but unique pieces of art, honoring the quality craftsmanship and dedication of "Dal Massimo Goloso". Contact us for Your custom cutting board or visit the shop section to choose Your classic or professional cutting board.


Imagine a unique custom cutting board that combines unique aesthetics and practical functionality in a single piece of high-quality wood. That's what we offer at ProWoodCut, with our custom cutting board that features the butcher's shop logo "Dal Massimo Goloso," a piece that is as much a tribute to these master butchers as it is a high-quality kitchen accessory.

Entirely handcrafted, the cutting board is made from sturdy black walnut (Black Walnut) wood. This particular wood makes it incredibly strong and durable, making it ideal for a cutting board that can withstand heavy use in the kitchen. Despite its sturdiness, the cutting board weighs between 6 and 7 kg, giving the product an aura of professionalism and seriousness.

But the real star of this cutting board is the logo of "Dal Massimo Goloso," made with a high-precision inlay technique. This artistic process, which requires precision and patience, involves inserting pieces of light maple wood into the black walnut base with the help of a CNC. The result is a color contrast that highlights every detail of the logo, creating a truly breathtaking visual effect.

The creation of this cutting board is a meticulous and labor-intensive process that takes about eight working days. First, the logo design is transformed into a vector format and then processed with a CAD program. Next, the light wood is inserted into the dark wood, creating a contrast between the logo elements. This process takes over 74 hours, including drying time when everything is glued together.

This cutting board measures 60x40 cm, an ideal size for any kitchen. In addition, the solid, well-balanced cutting board is easy to handle and clean, while maintaining a weighty presence on your work surface.

We know that every detail counts when it comes to a design piece. That's why we take the time to make sure every cutting board is perfect in every detail. This commitment to excellence is what sets our custom cutting boards apart.

With our custom cutting board that features the "From the Greedy Maximum" butcher shop logo, you are not only purchasing a high-quality kitchen accessory, but also a unique piece of art. This cutting board is not only a functional item, but also a tribute to "Dal Massimo Goloso," who put their passion and dedication into their craft every day.