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Custom Cutting board of Francesca FraFoodLove


This beautiful customised cutting board we designed and made for Chef Francesca Gambacorta is a true masterpiece of ProWoodCut. A special composition of rare woods defining the dark frame in Amaranth and Padouk woods with a natural purple and red edge. This is followed by a subtle and delicate frame made from a mosaic of detached mixed woods with a thin line of hard maple. The entire central part made with olive ash. The real gem is the customisation with the Chef's signature on the long side made using the wenge wood inlay technique and the @frafoodlove also inlaid in wenge. All strictly in End Grain wood.


To speak of Francesca FraFoodLove is to speak of the Guru of Complex Simplicity.  

Listed by Forbes as one of Italy's top 20 food influencers, she has 6 million of likes on TikTok and it was a pleasure for us at ProWoodCut to make her chopping board as well as deliver it personally.