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Custom Cutting board of Francesca FraFoodLove


This beautiful customised cutting board we designed and made for Chef Francesca Gambacorta is a true masterpiece of ProWoodCut. A special composition of rare woods defining the dark frame in Amaranth and Padouk woods with a natural purple and red edge. This is followed by a subtle and delicate frame made from a mosaic of detached mixed woods with a thin line of hard maple. The entire central part made with olive ash. The real gem is the customisation with the Chef's signature on the long side made using the wenge wood inlay technique and the @frafoodlove also inlaid in wenge. All strictly in End Grain wood.


ProWoodCut and FraFoodLove: A Sharp Collaboration

ProWoodCut, a leading company in the high-quality wood product industry, is proud to introduce an exclusive, limited edition chopping board crafted for Francesca, better known as FraFoodLove, the Guru of Complex Simplicity.

With over 6 million likes on TikTok and named among Forbes' top 20 food influencers in Italy, FraFoodLove chose ProWoodCut for the creation of her custom cutting board. This unique opportunity showcases our commitment to combining the art of woodworking with a passion for gastronomy.

The peculiarity of our product is expressed through the 'end grain' production technique, which ensures exceptional durability and resistance while maintaining the natural beauty of the wood. The cutting board becomes more than just a simple kitchen tool, it becomes a true jewel of craftsmanship, ideal for cutting, serving, and impressing.

FraFoodLove's logo has been carefully inlaid into the wood, a detail that makes this cutting board even more unique and valuable. This meticulous work is a result of our experience in the field and passion for details.

The pride we felt in crafting and personally delivering this chopping board to FraFoodLove is indescribable. It has been a true honor to collaborate with such an influential personality in the food world.

ProWoodCut is committed to creating high-quality products, capable of expressing the personality and style of those who use them. Our custom cutting board for FraFoodLove is a perfect example of how our work can enrich the kitchen experience.

FraFoodLove's chopping board symbolizes the collaboration between two worlds, that of craftsmanship and food, both driven by passion and love for beauty. If you are looking for a product that expresses your personality and your passion for cooking, ProWoodCut is the right choice for you.

Choosing a ProWoodCut chopping board means choosing excellence, attention to detail, and passion. Just as FraFoodLove did.