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Custom cutting board of Mirco Daveti - ProWoodCut

Mirco Daveti

This beautiful custom wood cutting board made by ProWoodCut from olive ash in a 55x40 cm size with a dark sapeli mahogany frame. The logo created in collaboration with MIRCO DAVETI was inlaid 6 mm deep with mahogany and maple woods to give different contrasts and details of the logo itself. Contact us for your custom cutting board.

Mirco Daveti: A BBQ Maestro and His Custom Cutting Board

Mirco Daveti is not just an enthusiast of American barbecue, but also a bona fide champion. He has swept Italy off its feet with his BBQ mastery, becoming a recognized champion in various competitions, including the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) and the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS). His passion for barbecue knows no bounds, as he continually hones his craft through performances and new culinary experiments.

Every artist needs their tools, and for Mirco, it is no different. Teaming up with Prowoodcut, a maker of fine custom cutting boards, Mirco has created a custom cutting board that reflects his personality and love for barbecue. This board, crafted from ash end-grain, is not just a functional piece but a genuine work of art. Mirco's logo has been expertly inlaid into the wood, making the board unique and instantly recognizable.

Since receiving this outstanding cutting board, Mirco uses it every day in his culinary preparations. It serves not just as a work surface for preparing his famous BBQ dishes, but also as a valuable tool for presenting his meals. Mirco's custom cutting board has become a fundamental part of his cooking and presenting process, helping to create dishes that are as delightful to look at as they are to taste.

Mirco Daveti is a standout figure in the Italian barbecue world, and his custom Prowoodcut cutting board is an essential tool in his repertoire. Their collaboration demonstrates how passion, skill, and the right tools can create something truly extraordinary.