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Custom Cutting board The Butcher & All you can SMOKE

The Butcher

Customised cutting board by PROWOODCUT made for The Butcher - Meat Makes Blood in collaboration with All You Can Smoke. This CONTROFIBRA Wooden Cutting Board made in size 60x40 by ProWoodCut from solid ash and walnut wood with logos inlaid in various woods to a depth of 6 mm. For the creation of this chopping board we obviously chose the CONTROFIBRA technique in order to create a professional chopping board that responds to the intensive use made by the guys. the end result we have is an end grain chopping board masterpiece.


ProWoodCut and The Butcher - All You Can Smoke: A Sharp Collaboration

ProWoodCut, a renowned company in the industry of high-quality wood products, is pleased to present an exclusive, custom cutting board crafted for The Butcher, a beacon for lovers of fine meats from around the world.

The Butcher - "La carne fa Sangue", otherwise known as Macelleria Callegari, is a true paradise for connoisseurs of select, international meats. This name is well-known to meat lovers, and now, thanks to the collaboration with ProWoodCut, it rises to a new level of elegance and functionality.

The cutting board in question has been made using the 'end grain' technique, which guarantees unparalleled resistance and durability, while maintaining the natural and fascinating aesthetics of the wood. The Butcher's logo has been hand-inlaid in the wood with meticulous attention to detail, a further testimony to our passion for high-quality craftsmanship.

This chopping board is not just a simple kitchen tool, it is a jewel of craftsmanship, a true tribute to quality, passion for food, and in particular, to meat. As the famous slogan goes "All You Can Eat", but in this case, it's "All You Can Smoke"! A play on words that expresses, with irony, The Butcher's passion for smoked meats.

The satisfaction we felt in creating and personally delivering this cutting board to The Butcher is indescribable. It was an honor to work with such a prestigious name in the world of butchery and gastronomy.

ProWoodCut is committed to creating high-quality products that express personality and style. Our customized cutting board for The Butcher is a perfect example of how our work can enhance the kitchen experience, while guaranteeing a unique and sophisticated design.

The Butcher's chopping board is a symbol of a unique collaboration between the art of craftsmanship and the love for fine meats. If you are looking for a product that represents your personality and your passion for cooking, ProWoodCut is the right choice for you.

Choosing a ProWoodCut chopping board means choosing excellence, attention to detail, and passion. Just as The Butcher did.