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Custom Cutting board The Butcher & All you can SMOKE

The Butcher

Customised cutting board by PROWOODCUT made for The Butcher - Meat Makes Blood in collaboration with All You Can Smoke. This CONTROFIBRA Wooden Cutting Board made in size 60x40 by ProWoodCut from solid ash and walnut wood with logos inlaid in various woods to a depth of 6 mm. For the creation of this chopping board we obviously chose the CONTROFIBRA technique in order to create a professional chopping board that responds to the intensive use made by the guys. the end result we have is an end grain chopping board masterpiece.


If you are a lover of fine international meat, you can't miss the butcher's shop - THE BUTCHER - La carne fa Sangue or Macelleria Callegari.  Only the best meat from all over the world