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Custom cutting board Yoder Smokers - Enjoy BBQ

Enjoy BBQ

Grandiose and super complex Personalized Cutting Board with the logo made by inlay in multiple layers of the wood inserted one into the other.Size of this handcrafted Cutting Board are 60x40 ideal for a true fan of BARBECUE and all culinary preparations in general. Masterpiece of ProWoodCut handcrafted from solid ash wood with mahogany frame, while 5 different natural color woods are used for the logo. Choose YOUR favorite model and contact us to order it online.

Welcome to ProWoodCut, where our love of craftsmanship meets your passion for barbecue. We are proud to present our custom "ENJOY BBQ" cutting board, a piece that celebrates the art of barbecue with unique design and superior quality.

Our "ENJOY BBQ" cutting board is made entirely by hand, with meticulous attention to detail. It is made of ash wood, a popular choice for cutting boards because of its strength and durability. Ash is a hardwood that resists bending and warping and can withstand the stresses of an active kitchen.

The real highlight of this cutting board, however, is the "ENJOY BBQ" logo that is inlaid into the wood using a high-precision technique. The logo is made of mahogany wood, a dark hardwood that contrasts beautifully with the light ash of the cutting board. This logo is a tribute to "ENJOY BBQ's" passion for the art of barbecue, and every time you use the cutting board, you are reminded of that passion.

The creation of this cutting board requires incredible skill and attention to detail. The logo design is first transformed into a vector format and then processed with a CAD program. Next, the mahogany wood is inserted into the ash wood, creating a visual contrast that highlights every detail of the logo. This process takes more than 74 hours, including drying time when everything is glued together.

But the end result is worth every minute spent in its creation. The "ENJOY BBQ" cutting board is a striking piece that combines functionality and style. Not only is it a high-quality kitchen accessory, it is also a tribute to "ENJOY BBQ" and a symbol of your passion for barbecue.

At ProWoodCut, we believe that every piece we create is a work of art. And our "ENJOY BBQ" cutting board is no exception. When you buy a cutting board from us, you are not only getting a high-quality kitchen accessory, but also a unique piece that tells a story.

So the next time you're barbecuing, why not do it in style? Our "ENJOY BBQ" cutting board is the perfect way to celebrate your passion for barbecue while adding a touch of class to your kitchen.

We invite you to explore the beauty and quality of this cutting board for yourself. We believe that once you experience the superior quality and unique design of our "ENJOY BBQ" cutting board, you will never want to use another cutting board again.