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Custom end grain Cutting Board BBQ Meriosh


The customized ProWoodCut cutting board is a tribute to the art of barbecue and the Italian excellence of Meriosh. Crafted from high-quality end-grain wood, the cutting board is adorned with the Meriosh logo, symbolizing a passion for grilling. This unique piece is not just a functional accessory but an emblem of love for barbecue and respect for Italian artisan tradition.

The Customized ProWoodCut Cutting Board: A Tribute to the Passion for Barbecue and the Excellence of Meriosh

Imagine an object that embodies the fusion of the art of barbecue and the perfection of Italian craftsmanship. By ProWoodCut, this is the vision behind our new custom cutting board, a true tribute to Italian flair, the love for grilling, and the excellence of Meriosh, a renowned Italian company producing and selling rubs, spices, and aromatic herbs.

Crafted with meticulous attention and high-quality end-grain wood, our cutting board is not only resistant and durable but also aesthetically pleasing, able to catch the eye in any kitchen or barbecue area. The end-grain technique enhances the beauty of the wood grain, creating a unique design that combines functionality and style.

At the center of the cutting board is the Meriosh logo, precisely and skillfully inlaid. This feature makes each cutting board a unique piece that celebrates the passion of Marco Meriosh, the founder of this innovative Italian company. Since 2014, Meriosh has won the hearts of barbecue enthusiasts, thanks to its range of high-quality rubs, spices, and aromatic herbs that enhance the flavor of every dish.

This ProWoodCut cutting board is therefore not just a functional accessory but a true emblem of the love for grilling and respect for Italian artisan tradition. It is a testament to the commitment of two realities, ProWoodCut and Meriosh, in enhancing the passion for barbecue and in spreading the culture of Italian "know-how".

When used, the customized ProWoodCut cutting board becomes not only an indispensable tool but also a constant inspiration, a reminder of the dedication and passion that Marco Meriosh put into creating his company. Every time you look at it, you will feel inspired to create tasty dishes, expressing your creativity and passion for barbecue.

Celebrate your love for grilling and Italian artisanal craft with the customized ProWoodCut cutting board. A quality piece of craftsmanship that represents passion, innovation, and Italian excellence in the world of barbecue.