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Custom End Grain cutting board Guilty Beard

Guilty Beard

Pride of ProWoodCut - one of the first cutting boards made in 2021 for artisan friend - Guilty Beard. Professional cutting board made of very hard hornbeam solid wood with the luxurious frame of dark American walnut with bold grain. The majestic central logo inlaid in wenge wood in 6mm depth down to the last very fine details. End result as noted is a work of art.


Alessandro Cattivelli, known as Guilty Beard, is a skilled craftsman dedicated to the workmanship of leather. His passion and expertise are evident in the creation of stunning leather aprons and handmade bags.

Combining traditional skills with innovative creativity, Alessandro produces high-quality leather aprons that marry function with aesthetics. Every detail is meticulously attended to, from the stitching to the finishing touches, ensuring maximum durability and a polished look, the same level of detail and commitment that ProWoodCut applies to making its custom cutting boards.

In addition to his artisanal prowess, Alessandro is committed to using environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials. He ensures that the leather used in his creations comes from responsible sources and adopts eco-friendly practices in his craft.

Alessandro shares his talent and passion through his Instagram account @guilty.beard, where crafts enthusiasts and leather aficionados can admire his unique creations and get a sneak peek into his creative process.

Alessandro Cattivelli's craftsmanship is a blend of tradition and innovation, where a love for leather and artisanal expertise come together to create unique masterpieces that combine functionality with style.