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Custom End grain cutting board SMOKE KING

Smoke King BBQ exp.

Huge, Beautiful and Professional - that's how I can define this CUSTOM CUTTER - by Smoke King BBQ Experience. Size 60x40 made of USA Black walnut Counterfiber as the base with very useful liquid collection channel on the perimeter. Not inconsiderable added value gives it huge Giacomo logo smeared all over the surface of the cutting board made of maple hardwood and inlaid 6 mm deep. No doubt this cutting board is perfect tool of the BBQ champion. Please contact us for your similar custom cutting board.


SmokeKing BBQ Experience is a popular YouTuber specializing in the world of barbecue. Through his channel, he shares his passion for grilling and showcases recipes, techniques, and culinary adventures centered around barbecue. One of the standout features of his productions is the beautiful cutting board he uses to present his culinary masterpieces. Let's dive into SmokeKing's BBQ experience and the significance of his iconic cutting board.

The Art of Barbecue: SmokeKing BBQ Experience is a true expert when it comes to barbecue. With years of experience and a commitment to culinary perfection, he shares a wide range of recipes and techniques on his channel to create succulent dishes cooked on the grill. From smoked ribs to gourmet burgers, spicy chicken wings to grilled vegetables, SmokeKing makes the art of barbecue accessible to all, providing helpful tips and suggestions for achieving outstanding results.

By ProWoodCut, the Custom Cutting Board as an Artistic Expression: In addition to his culinary skills, SmokeKing BBQ Experience is known for his visually appealing presentation of dishes. His cutting board, meticulously crafted with attention to detail, becomes a work of art in itself. SmokeKing's cutting board is made of high-quality wood, often customized with engravings, inlays, or decorative patterns that reflect his passion for barbecue. This visual element contributes to creating a complete culinary experience, adding a touch of elegance and authenticity to his creations.

The Aesthetic and Functional Value of the Cutting Board: SmokeKing BBQ Experience's cutting board is not just a visually pleasing object but also serves a practical purpose in the art of barbecue. With its generous size, the cutting board provides ample space for arranging and presenting various grilled foods. Moreover, the high-quality wood of the cutting board is ideal for the preparation and serving of smoked and grilled meats, offering a sturdy and safe surface for cutting and serving the dishes.

The Influence of SmokeKing BBQ Experience: SmokeKing BBQ Experience has captured a wide audience with his infectious passion for barbecue and his ability to create irresistible dishes. His YouTube productions inspire numerous barbecue enthusiasts to experiment with new recipes, adopt new techniques, and appreciate the importance of appealing presentation. His cutting board, symbolizing his commitment to culinary excellence, has become an icon representing his brand and barbecue expertise.