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Custom end grain inlayed cutting board Rinalldo's Skull


Introducing this magnificent model of the Custom Cutting Board created for Rinaldos by ProWoodCut. Cutting board made of solid wood with the END GRAIN technique that protects the blade of your knives and at the same time there are no cutting marks on the surface of the cutting board itself. An important peculiarity of this personalized cutting board is the Rinaldos logo worked with the Inlay technique, that is, insertion of the different woods inside the base of the cutting board itself. Created in size 60x40 in American Walnut wood. Discover the whole range of our cutting boards and choose YOURS!!!


A Work of Art for Your Kitchen: The Custom Cutting Board by ProWoodCut

When it comes to barbecues, Rinaldo's passion for BBQ is well-known. But what makes his culinary experience unique? Beyond choosing high-quality meats and the mastery of cooking them to perfection on a flaming grill, it's the attention to detail that sets Rinaldo's kitchen apart. And that's precisely why he chose ProWoodCut to craft a custom cutting board.

Rinaldo's cutting board is not just a kitchen tool, but a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It is handcrafted from dark American walnut wood using a technique called End Grain, or "against the grain". This method involves arranging the wood so that the ends of the grain face upward. Not only does it offer a unique aesthetic appeal, but it also makes the cutting board extremely durable and kind to the blades of knives.

The generous dimensions of 60x40 cm make this cutting board practical and versatile, capable of accommodating any type of preparation. But what truly sets this piece apart is Rinaldo's Kitchen logo, carefully engraved on the wood. A detail that underscores Rinaldo's love and dedication for grilling, making this cutting board one-of-a-kind.

Each cut, each engraving on the board, tells the story of the skill and passion that ProWoodCut puts into its work. This piece, crafted with the End Grain technique in dark American walnut wood, emanates timeless beauty and indisputable robustness. It's not just a cutting board, but an accessory that makes every BBQ experience unique and rewarding.

Rinaldo's Kitchen stands for care and attention to every detail, and his personalized cutting board is proof of this commitment. The choice of ProWoodCut to create this item underlines the craftsman's talent in creating unique pieces that reflect the customer's personality and needs.

This cutting board is a true homage to the art of BBQ, a tribute to the art of grilling, and a testament to how a simple piece of wood can be transformed into an object of true artistic value.