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Custon end grain cutting board of Alex Brusamento

Alex Brusamento

Custom end grain cutting board with 50x35 base made of olive ash wood with dark iroko frame. The logo is inlaid in 6 mm depth with mahogany wood. Alex Brusamento, a renowned international Pitmaster and member of the Leon BBQ Team Padova, is famed for his dedication to the art of barbecue. ProWoodCut, known for crafting high-quality artisanal cutting boards, had the honor of creating a unique, personalized cutting board for Brusamento, reflecting the same passion he invests in his work. This special cutting board is made of end grain wood, not only making it aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. The durability and strength of end grain wood make it ideal for heavy kitchen use.

Barbecue Master, Alex Brusamento, Chooses ProWoodCut for His Custom Cutting Board

Alex Brusamento, an internationally renowned Pitmaster and member of the Leon BBQ Team Padova, is known for his dedication to the art of barbecue. Now, thanks to ProWoodCut, he has a personalized tool that reflects his passion for cooking.

ProWoodCut, known for creating high-quality artisanal cutting boards, recently had the honor of making a custom cutting board for Brusamento. This unique piece was crafted with care and dedication, mirroring the same passion that Brusamento puts into his work.

The cutting board, made from end grain wood, is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also highly functional. The use of end grain wood makes it sturdy and durable, ideal for heavy use in the kitchen.

But what truly sets this cutting board apart is the inlaid logo. ProWoodCut personalized the cutting board with the Leon BBQ Team Padova logo, a detail that underscores ProWoodCut's attention to detail and personalized approach to its work.

Alex Brusamento, who also works at the Il mondo del barbecue store, has expressed great appreciation for his new cutting board. This unique piece not only adds a touch of style to his kitchen but is also a constant reminder of his passion for barbecue.

ProWoodCut is proud to have had the opportunity to work with such a respected professional as Alex Brusamento. We will continue to create unique pieces that reflect the passion and dedication of our clients, be they barbecue hobbyists or professionals.