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Custon end grain cutting Board Sarkos Primal Taste


Here is our most recent creation for the renowned Sarkos restaurant in Rome: a custom cutting board, the result of the skill of our team of experts at ProWoodCut. Made from ash end-grain wood for strength and durability, it has been framed with walnut for a touch of elegance. The restaurant's logo, inlaid in the wood, symbolizes our collaboration and shared attachment to excellent craftsmanship. This piece represents the perfect balance between art and functionality, style and durability.

A Synergy of Style and Functionality: The Handcrafted Cutting Board of Sarkos

"We are excited to present to you our latest creation, a custom cutting board made for the renowned restaurant in Rome: Sarkos. This pièce de résistance is an excellent example of the art of craftsmanship, an expression of our commitment to combine functionality with an unparalleled aesthetic.

Each cutting board that comes out of our ProWoodCut workshop is the fruit of the skill and dedication of our expert team. This one in particular was made using end-grain ash wood, a considered and targeted choice. The use of ash gives the cutting board exceptional resistance and durability, essential characteristics in a demanding and busy environment like the kitchen of a restaurant like Sarkos.

But our passion for craftsmanship always pushes us further. That's why we framed the cutting board with a walnut wood frame. This detail adds a touch of elegance and contrast that highlights the natural beauty of the wood, elevating the object from a simple kitchen utensil to a real design element.

The final touch, and perhaps the most significant, is the logo of the Sarkos restaurant, inlaid deep in the wood. This detail represents not only the pride and passion that Sarkos has for its work, but also the close collaboration between our team and the restaurant. It is more than just a logo - it is a symbol of our common commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.

We are proud of this creation and what it represents: a balance between art and functionality, between style and resistance. We hope it will be a source of inspiration for all those who love the art of cooking and excellence in craftsmanship. And we can't wait to create more works of art that combine beauty, functionality, and resilience, like this cutting board for Sarkos."