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Cutting board Baffetto Food

Baffetto Food

This beautiful personalised wooden chopping board has been made of beech wood END GRAINE and with an olive ash frame. Size 60x40 to serve its owner even for larger culinary preparations. Identified by the Baffetto Food logo in the corner inlaid in 6 mm deep thermo ash wood and with some elements in red Padouk wood. to complete at the top we have a hashtag of its owner - #daleccarsibaffetto.


From ProWoodCut, a beautiful custom cutting board made with the end-grain technique, for the channel: 'Baffetto Food' channel is dedicated to Italian cuisine, with a focus on traditional recipes and homemade preparations. The owner of the channel, Baffetto, is a passionate Italian chef who shares his passion for food with his viewers through a wide range of video tutorials.

The channel offers a wide variety of content, including recipes for first courses, main courses, side dishes and desserts, as well as useful tips on how to choose the best ingredients and preparation techniques. In addition, the videos are made with great attention to quality and presentation, with detailed footage showing the key steps in the preparation of the recipes.

If you are an Italian cooking enthusiast looking for new ideas and recipes, the 'Baffetto Food' channel is definitely a good place to start. The videos are informative and well presented, and the channel owner is always available to answer his viewers' questions and offer useful tips for preparing delicious Italian dishes.