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Daniele Merli BBQ Pitmaster end grain cutting board

Daniele Merli

Very large custom end grain cutting board made by ProWoodCut inmisure 60x40. base the olive ash wood with the elegant frame of National Walnut. of course, the logo is inlaid 6 mm deep in dark wenge wood that remains forever in view and is not erased as in the case of laser engraving.

Daniele Merli is passionate about good food, beers, wines and, above all, barbecue. Since 2014, Daniele has dedicated himself to the school of barbecue and 'Low & Slow' cooking. Author of several works that serve as a guide in the art of barbecue, including "Wine and Barbecue. Cooking at the barbecue with wine: tricks, recipes and pairings," "From the grill to barbecue. Become a barbecue master and learn pitmaster tricks," and "Beer and Barbecue. Barbecue Cooking with Beer. Tricks, Recipes and Pairings," Daniele is a true master in his field.


Daniele, now an expert in the world of barbecue, is also the lucky recipient of a custom cutting board produced by ProWoodCut. This cutting board, made of extremely hard solid ash and domestic walnut wood and constructed in the End-Grain manner, was customized with the pitmaster's own logo. The entire production chain of this cutting board takes no less than a week, testifying to the care and attention ProWoodCut devotes to its products.

Now, Daniel uses this custom ProWoodCut cutting board every day in his barbecue work, taking advantage of its strength, durability, and unique design.