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Dott Asado Custom End Grain cutting board ProWoodCut


ProWoodCut, a frontrunner in the field of premium wood products, proudly introduces a customized cutting board crafted for Dott.Asado, a renowned figure in the Italian realm of grill and Argentine BBQ. Constructed using the 'end grain' technique, the cutting board blends durability and aesthetics, adorned with Dott.Asado's hand-inlaid logo. More than just a kitchen utensil, it's a symbol of artisanal excellence that reflects cooking passion with style and precision, much like Dott.Asado's teachings. Made of Ash end-grain in the centre with a sublime black thermo-fibre frame and then containing the logo of the legendary DOTT ASADO inlaid in 6mm at the bottom to guarantee almost eternal hardness.


ProWoodCut and Dott.Asado: An Alliance of Excellence for Grill Lovers

ProWoodCut, a frontrunner in the field of premium wood products, takes great pride in unveiling a custom cutting board crafted for Dott.Asado, an influential figure in the Italian realm of grill and Argentine BBQ.

Widely recognized and admired for his insightful YouTube videos, Dott.Asado is a maestro in the art of grilling. Now, with the collaboration of ProWoodCut, he's all set to hone his culinary prowess on a bespoke, high-quality cutting board.

This cutting board is constructed using the 'end grain' technique that ensures unrivalled durability and resilience, whilst preserving the inherent beauty and charm of the wood. The logo of Dott.Asado, meticulously hand-inlaid, enhances the exclusivity of this masterpiece.

A ProWoodCut cutting board is far from being just a standard kitchen utensil. It embodies artisanal superiority, making it an ideal choice for those who express their passion for cooking with panache and precision, much like Dott.Asado. He has dedicated years to imparting the finer points of the barbecue craft to his followers, sharing invaluable tips and professional techniques for grilling to perfection.

The immense satisfaction that ProWoodCut experienced in crafting and personally delivering this cutting board to Dott.Asado is beyond words. It has been a privilege to team up with an influencer of such stature in the world of barbecue and grilling.

ProWoodCut is devoted to producing products that mirror the personality and style of their users. Dott.Asado's custom-made cutting board serves as a prime example of how our craftsmanship can elevate the culinary journey.

This cutting board symbolizes a unique collaboration between two spheres driven by passion - the world of fine craftsmanship and the art of grilling. If you're on the lookout for a product that echoes your cooking passion, ProWoodCut is your go-to choice.

Choosing a ProWoodCut cutting board signifies opting for excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and sheer passion. And that's exactly what Dott.Asado did