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End grain cutting board of Giovanni Mele

Giovanni Mele

A new Artisan Cutting Board made for Food Blogger Giovanni Mele-a highly regarded food blogger who creates content on the food niche. His publications include various types of recipes, from mouthwatering to less calorie-heavy. We at ProWoodCut made this LARGE CHOPPING BOARD in ash counterfiber wood for the chef to give him a unique and highly recognizable work surface with his logo made in inlay with mahogany wood. contact YOU too for YOUR custom cutting board.

ProWoodCut's Artisan Ash Cutting Board for Giovanni Mele: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship
The world of craftsmanship offers unique jewels, and one of them is the handcrafted cutting board made by ProWoodCut for renowned food blogger Giovanni Mele. This masterpiece is not just a cutting board, but a perfect example of how craftsmanship can combine functionality and beauty.


The Art of ProWoodCut
ProWoodCut is well-known in the field of craftsmanship for producing unique and customized products. Each piece is the result of a painstaking and detailed crafting process that highlights passion and attention to detail.

A Unique Cutting Board for Giovanni Mele

When food blogger Giovanni Mele requested a custom cutting board, ProWoodCut responded with an extraordinary product. The cutting board, made of ash, is distinguished by its End Grain, or counter-fiber, construction. This detail not only gives the cutting board superior strength, but also helps keep knives sharp, reducing blade wear.

But the real personalizing touch is Giovanni Mele's logo. Instead of using the common technique of laser engraving, ProWoodCut opted for deep inlay. This method creates a durable design that blends harmoniously with the wood without altering its natural appearance. Giovanni's logo is not just a mark, but an artistic element that enriches the beauty of the cutting board.


ProWoodCut's handcrafted cutting board for Giovanni Mele is more than a kitchen utensil: it is a piece of art, a symbol of attention to detail and passion for craftsmanship. This cutting board not only represents Giovanni's personality and taste, but also reflects ProWoodCut's skill and artistry in creating unique, high-quality pieces.

For anyone who appreciates the art of craftsmanship and the beauty of natural wood, this cutting board is a true masterpiece that shows how extraordinary the synergy of art and functionality can be.