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End grain round cutting board The Butcher Roma

The Butcher

Professional round cutting board made of European ash END GRAIN made for - THE BUTCHER ROME. Size 41 cm in diameter with a thickness of 4.5cm make this handcrafted cutting board a masterpiece. Logo inlaid deep with African Wenge wood thus creating design that with time will not erase in any way. This custom cutting board from ProWoodCut was a perfect Christmas gift for its owner.


ProWoodCut and The Butcher: A Customized Cutting Board that Tells a Story of Family and Passion

ProWoodCut, a leading company in the production of high-quality wood items, is proud to present a custom cutting board crafted for The Butcher, a renowned family-run butcher shop.

The cutting board, constructed with the 'end grain' technique to ensure durability and resilience, features a detail that makes it unique: The Butcher's logo, represented by a cow's head with two crossed knives, meticulously hand-inlaid with care and precision.

But The Butcher is more than just a butcher shop. It's a story of family and passion for quality meat. As you can see in the picture, there's Alessandro, affectionately called Kinoppi by friends, with his long beard, Franco, the father, and finally Stefano, the cousin. Each of them plays a key role in bringing The Butcher's mission to life.

We could talk about their specialties, such as prepared meats and tenderized meat, but The Butcher's true specialty is something deeper and more personal. It's the passion, friendliness, and love they put into every service, into every piece of meat they deliver.

Their mission is not just to provide high-quality meat, but also to convey a piece of themselves. And ProWoodCut is delighted to be part of this story, creating a cutting board that tells of the art, passion, and love for the craft of this extraordinary family.

The ProWoodCut cutting board for The Butcher is a tribute to their dedication to service and quality. It's the perfect choice for those who desire a product that combines functionality and elegance, resilience and beauty.

Remember: choosing a ProWoodCut cutting board means choosing excellence, attention to detail, and passion. Just as The Butcher did.