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Gianfranco lo Cascio Professional Cutting board

GLC TOP Selection

Custom cutting board created for Gianfranco lo Casio Top Selection. Made of ash wood with the frame in national walnut all strictly in counterfiber i.e. end grain. The large central logo is inlaid in 6 mm deep wenge wood that will not wear off or erase with time and use. One of ProWoodCut's earliest works that still dates back to 2020 but to this day remains as effective and beautiful as its first day.


Gianfranco Lo Cascio is the CEO of BBQ4All, a reference point for barbecue lovers. His passion for grilling has driven him to share his knowledge and turn BBQ4All into an authoritative resource for enthusiasts throughout Italy.

Gianfranco is a culinary expert on barbecue, always looking for the best cooking techniques, marinades and flavor combinations. BBQ4All offers recipes, practical tips and product reviews to help enthusiasts improve their grilling skills. Someone with such a passion, cannot lack a piece like ProWoodCut's custom cutting board.

As CEO, Gianfranco is committed to providing quality content and useful resources for barbecue enthusiasts. He organizes events and participates in culinary events to share his passion and create an engaging atmosphere around barbecue.

Thanks to Gianfranco's dedication, BBQ4All is revolutionizing the way people experience barbecue, turning barbecues into unforgettable culinary experiences.