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Grigliare Duro - Custom Cutting Board

Grigliare Duro

The "Grigliare Duro" team, enthusiasts of the art of barbecue, celebrate their passion with a customized end-grain cutting board made by ProWoodCut. This sturdy and beautiful cutting board features the inlaid team logo, symbolizing their dedication to barbecuing. For ProWoodCut, creating this cutting board was not just a task, but a privilege, a way to honor the art of barbecue. Made on the framed cutting board with an ash base and USA Walnut frame. To keep the tone the logo was inlaid 6 mm deep with USA Walnut. Result - a personalised chopping board of the same high quality as the content that creates Grigliare Duro's crew


ProWoodCut's Customized Cutting Board: A Tribute to the Barbecue Artistry of Team "Grigliare Duro"

The world of barbecue has a particular allure, combining the passion for good food with the love for sharing and community. A perfect example of this spirit is the "Grigliare Duro" team, a group of enthusiasts who have made the art of barbecuing a cornerstone in their approach to cooking.

Dedicated to creating delicious, high-quality dishes, the "Grigliare Duro" team uses only the best ingredients and the most advanced cooking techniques. Their passion for barbecue is reflected in every dish they create, from the choice of ingredients to the care in cooking.

In homage to this dedication, ProWoodCut had the opportunity to create a custom cutting board for them. Made in end grain, this cutting board is the perfect blend of strength and beauty. The end-grain structure not only offers superior durability compared to traditional cutting boards, but also respects the integrity of the knife blades, preserving their sharpness.

But what truly sets this cutting board apart is the inlay of the "Grigliare Duro" team logo. This detail, realized with meticulous attention, turns the cutting board into a tangible symbol of the team's passion for the art of barbecue.

The creation of this cutting board for the "Grigliare Duro" team was for ProWoodCut not just a task, but a privilege. It's a way to honor the art of barbecue, the dedication of these enthusiasts, and the unique bond that forms around the grill.