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INGORDO Tipaldi personalised cutting board


A large, solid cutting board measuring 60x40 in ash, with an elegant frame in National Walnut and a LOGO inlay in the centre. Created by ProWoodCut back in 2021. Italian master chef, Alessandro Tipaldi-INGORDO, turns to ProWoodCut's craftsmanship for a personalized cutting board. This piece, crafted in end grain, combines functionality and aesthetics, and features the chef's logo elegantly inlaid. An essential kitchen accessory, a tribute to Tipaldi's culinary style, and a symbol of the bond between tradition and innovation. The detail that makes the difference for a true master of Italian cuisine.


ProWoodCut's Custom End-Grain Cutting Board: A Superior Ally for Master Chef Alessandro Tipaldi-INGORDO

Since Alessandro Tipaldi-INGORDO stepped onto the Italian culinary scene, he has consistently pursued excellence. A gifted cook and a bearer of Italian cultural heritage, Tipaldi has been reinterpreting traditional Italian dishes with unparalleled passion and creativity. Today, in his continued pursuit of culinary perfection, he has turned to the craftsmanship of ProWoodCut.

ProWoodCut, a leading company in the field of wood craftsmanship, has created a custom cutting board for Alessandro Tipaldi-INGORDO. This piece is far more than just a kitchen utensil, it is a symbol of the indissoluble bond between the master of Italian cuisine and his art.

Crafted in end grain, ProWoodCut's cutting board represents the perfect union of functionality and aesthetics. The end-grain structure ensures superior resistance to cuts and a significantly longer lifespan than traditional cutting boards. Furthermore, it respects the integrity of the knife blades, preserving their sharpness.

But the real charm of this cutting board is revealed in its personalization. The distinguishing feature is indeed the logo of Alessandro Tipaldi-INGORDO, carefully and elegantly inlaid directly onto the wood surface. Every time the chef uses his cutting board, his brand is there to remind him of his commitment to the culinary arts and the passion he puts into every dish he creates.

This cutting board is not just an essential kitchen accessory, but a true tribute to the uniqueness of Tipaldi's culinary style. His personality, his love for tradition, and his relentless dedication to innovation are reflected in every detail of this extraordinary piece.

ProWoodCut's cutting board is therefore much more than a utensil. It's a bridge that connects tradition to modernity, a symbol of dedication and passion. It is a reflection of the perfect synergy between two masters of their craft: Alessandro Tipaldi-INGORDO and ProWoodCut.

For a true master of Italian cuisine, the detail makes the difference. And with this personalized cutting board, Alessandro Tipaldi-INGORDO has everything he needs to continue creating astonishing dishes that delight the palate and nourish the soul.