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Inlayed end grain Cuttinb Board of Martin by ProWoodCut


Personalized end-grain cutting board, an entirely handcrafted masterpiece created as a gift for Mr. Martin. On the base, made of ash wood is prominently displayed a play on words between the logo of the Martini brand and the client Martin. This is not only what is now a keepsake, but a functional and practical cutting board suitable for a wide variety of culinary settings, be it that of a barbecue or an aperitif with friends. Contact us at ProWoodCut to get the perfect gift, for yourself or those who you care about the most.

ProWoodCut Custom Cutting Board: "A masterpiece in honour of cooking, art and friendship."


True friends know how to celebrate in grand style! At ProWoodCut, we've had the pleasure of crafting a custom cutting board for a very special client, Mr. Martin.

Crafted from the finest end-grain ash wood, this chopping board isn't just a kitchen tool, but a true masterpiece.

But the real showstopper is the inlaid logo, created using different woods to form a design that resembles the famous alcoholic beverage Martini, a touch of class that underscores Mr Martin's elegance and sophistication.

A group of loyal friends decided to make this gift, showing that the best things in life are those we share with the people we love.

Thank you for choosing us to create this one-of-a-kind gift. May it be the star of many unforgettable evenings!