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Inlayed End grain cutting board Smokin Brothers

Smokin Brothers

A new model of the PERSONALIZED Counterfiber Cutting Board made for guys from - SMOKIN' BROTHERS CONTEMPORARY BARBECUE. Truly a great masterpiece in size 70x45 to meet the needs of true American BBQ fans. On top of this handcrafted cutting board goes a huge BRISKET in its entirety and with extreme ease you will be able to cut it into slices and enjoy it later in companions on top of a cutting board initialed with the SMOKIN' BROTHERS brand. in fact, the logo is inlaid deep and is made of 4 different woods stacked on top of each other this guarantees longevity to the logo itself. order your custom cutting board Online or consult the shop to choose one in stock.

Welcome to ProWoodCut, the intersection of art and craft. Today, we are proud to present a piece that is more than just a cutting board: a tribute to a shared passion, barbecue. This is our custom cutting board for Smokin Brothers Contemporary Barbecue.

This cutting board is not just a kitchen utensil, but a work of art that expresses the passion for barbecue and dedication to detail. The cutting board is made of ash wood, known for its strength and durability, making it perfect for everyday use. But what sets it apart is its elegant mahogany frame, which adds a touch of sophistication and contrast.

In the center of this cutting board, you will find the "Smokin Brothers Contemporary Barbecue" logo, an image that symbolizes their passion for barbecue. But this is not just a logo: it is an inlaid work of art, made from four different types of wood, each with its own unique coloration. This inlay technique creates a color contrast that highlights the logo, making it the focal point of the cutting board.

Creating this cutting board takes time, skill and precision. The process begins with turning the logo into a vector format, which is then carved into the four different types of wood. These pieces are then carefully inserted into the ash wood in a process that takes several hours.

Despite the complexity of the process, we are proud of the end result. The "Smokin Brothers Contemporary Barbecue" cutting board is a high-quality piece that combines functionality and beauty. Every time you use it, it will remind you of your passion for barbecue and the attention to detail that characterizes every ProWoodCut product.

At ProWoodCut, we are committed to creating products that combine functionality, beauty and meaning. Our "Smokin Brothers Contemporary Barbecue" cutting board is an example of this commitment. We look forward to sharing with you the beauty and quality of this unique piece.