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Personalised chopping board by Braciami Ancora

Braciami Ancora

Beautiful end grain chopping board made by ProWoodCut for Michele Ruschioni and his ambitious project - Braciami Ancora. The wooden cutting board was made of maple wood with an American walnut frame, while the logo was inlaid 6 mm deep in red padouk wood. fabulous result guaranteed by ProWoodCut.


The 'Braciami ancora' movement led by Michele Ruscione is an online community of meat, barbecue and grilling enthusiasts, and this ProWoodCut's custom cutting board is not anything less.

The community was founded with the aim of sharing the passion for meat and promoting the importance of choosing high quality products, respecting nature and animals. Fans of 'Grill Me Again' can participate in events, cooking classes, tastings and barbecue competitions, where they can test their cooking skills and learn new cooking techniques.

In addition, the community promotes the sharing of recipes and tips on how to prepare grilled meat, so as to create a culture of quality food and conviviality around the table.

Founder Michele Ruscione is a well-known Italian chef who has participated in numerous television programmes, where he has shown his culinary skills and his passion for meat and barbecue. Thanks to his experience, he has created a community of enthusiasts who share his passion and culinary philosophy.

In conclusion, Michele Ruscione's 'Braciami ancora' movement is an online community that gathers meat and barbecue enthusiasts, promoting the culture of quality food and conviviality around the table.