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Personalized cutting board Grigliare Duro

Grigliare Duro 2023

This majestic customised GRIGLIARE DURO chopping board was made in 2020 and returned to us in 2023 for restoration after heavy use by the GRIGLIARE DURO crew. Made in a 60x40 size from ash wood with the logo inlaid in usa walnut and a mahogany frame, it served the guys well during all the preparations and I must say that it has seen its fair share of BBQs. But only after 1 week did it return to its former glory.

Restoration of Grigliare Duro's Custom Cutting Board: A Return to Glory

Passion for barbecue knows no bounds, and that holds true for the Grigliare Duro group, which received a magnificent custom end-grain cutting board from ProWoodCut in 2020 for their BBQ courses. The cutting board was used with dedication and love for three intense years of grilling, slicing, and culinary preparations.

However, like any high-quality tool, the cutting board began to show signs of extended use. The once-impeccable surface started to display wear and abrasion. It was time to restore this artisanal masterpiece and make it shine once more, just like the first day.

The Restoration: A Fresh Lease of Life for the Cutting Board

The restoration process of Grigliare Duro's custom cutting board began with utmost care and attention to detail. The initial phase involved removing 1 millimeter of the surface, eliminating signs of wear and revealing the fresh beauty of the underlying wood.

The restoration technique was carried out by skilled artisans who brought the cutting board back to its original glory. The process included sanding and refinishing the surface, restoring the cutting board to its smooth perfection and natural luster. Every scratch, mark, or blemish was meticulously removed, returning the cutting board to its initial condition.

A Reborn Masterpiece

The end result was astounding. Grigliare Duro's custom cutting board, which had faced countless challenges and culinary preparations over the years, returned to its original splendor. Every detail, from the personalized engraving to the high-quality solid wood, had been restored to its initial beauty.

This restoration not only breathed new life into the cutting board but also emphasized its quality and durability. It's a testament to ProWoodCut's commitment to crafting pieces of artisanal excellence that endure the test of time and can be appreciated for generations.

A Story of Quality and Dedication

The restoration of Grigliare Duro's custom cutting board is a story of quality, dedication, and a passion for barbecue. This cutting board is not just a kitchen tool but a piece of culinary history, a witness to Grigliare Duro's adventures and creations.

If you own a ProWoodCut cutting board in need of restoration, contact us. We're here to breathe new life into your cutting board and make it shine again, so it can continue to be an integral part of your culinary experiences.

Preserving the Beauty of Your Cutting Board

For those who own ProWoodCut custom cutting boards, this restoration is a testament to our commitment to creating pieces that last. With the right care and maintenance, your cutting board will continue to shine and serve you faithfully for many years to come.

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