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Personalized Cutting board Quantobbasta black edition


This handcrafted END GRAIN Cutting Board made by ProWoodCut from USA Walnut - Blackwalnut wood in size 50x35 to give plenty of room for maneuvering during preparations. Obviously this is the Custom Inlay Cutting Board with the BQQ logo inlaid 6mm deep in hard maple wood. Final result very beautiful and luxurious handcrafted cutting board created by ProWoodCut.


Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its variety, authenticity and extraordinary flavor. In the vast landscape of Italian food bloggers, the two talented guys from Quantobbasta stand out, who have embraced the mission of promoting and spreading Italian culinary culture through their passionate food blogging. Through creating traditional Italian dishes and sharing their creations on social platforms such as Instagram, Quantobbasta has captured the attention of food lovers around the world.

Exploring culinary tradition:
One of the most fascinating aspects of Quantobbasta's work is their dedication to preserving and celebrating Italian culinary tradition. With a detail-oriented approach and thorough research, they dive deep into the roots of each dish, uncovering traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. This approach allows them to create dishes that are authentic and true to their origins, keeping Italian culinary culture alive. The ProWoodCut's custom cutting board, makes the perfect place to carry on with this project.