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Personalized end grain Cutting board Calabria Food Official

Calabria Food

Custom handcrafted cutting board for Calabria Food Official - made the solid European ash wood with the technique of CONTROFIBRA. Chopping board size 45x30 and light coloring enhance this chopping board during any preparation visible on the Instagram of @calabriafood.official - but the real special feature is the 6 mm inlay logo with wenge wood. a jewel of a chopping board. Contact us to order YOUR custom made cutting board.


Calabria, a region rich in traditions and breathtaking landscapes in southern Italy, is also famous for its authentic and flavorful cuisine. In the vast culinary landscape of Calabria, Calabria Food Official stands out, a project that aims to promote and enhance the gastronomic delicacies of the region. Through sharing traditional recipes, local products and fascinating culinary stories, Calabria Food Official has earned a prominent place in spreading the love of Calabrian food.


On this custom cutting board from ProWoodCut, we meticulously inlaid the Calabria Food logo, with an attention and passion for detail worthy of the Calabria Food project.


A journey into the flavors of Calabria:
Calabria Food Official is an authentic gastronomic guide that takes us on a discovery of the unique flavors of Calabria. Through their culinary creations and promotion of local products, they guide us on an exciting journey through traditional Calabrian dishes. From the famous 'Nduja di Spilinga to Calabrian chili peppers, from the highest quality extra virgin olive oil to pecorino cheeses, Calabria Food Official celebrates the authenticity of the region's products and recipes.