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Personalized end grain cutting board of Mustafa Mujic

Mustafa Mujic

Handcrafted cutting board made of solid wood using the END GRAIN technique.The base composed of ultra-hard European ash that is enclosed in an elegant dark mahogany frame that at its edges all around the perimeter accommodates a very useful liquid catcher channel that is essential for a Pit Master BBQ. In the center of this custom Cutting Board there is milled and inlaid the logo of the Pitmater himself - Mustafa Mujic. This particular technique involves contrasting wood insertion at a depth of 6 mm which unlike laser engraving remains in view forever and will not rub off. You too choose one of our custom cutting boards or those in stock.

The Custom ProWoodCut Cutting Board: A Handcrafted Masterpiece Gifted to BBQ Pit Master Mustafa Mujic


In the realm of cooking, the tools we use can greatly shape our culinary experience. One such tool is the cutting board, and the ProWoodCut's custom cutting board is a true handcrafted masterpiece.

Handmade from solid ash wood, this large 60x40 cm cutting board is a fusion of elegance, durability, and functionality. But the true distinguishing feature of this cutting board is the inlaid logo made from 6mm deep wenge wood. This inlay technique makes the logo resilient and indestructible, giving the cutting board a unique and personal touch.

The cutting board is crafted with an "end grain" technique, one of the most valued methods in cutting board creation. This technique not only provides superior durability to the board, but it's also kinder on knife blades, allowing them to maintain their sharpness over a longer period.

This extraordinary cutting board was crafted and gifted to Mustafa Mujic, a renowned Pit Master in the world of BBQ. Mujic, known for his mastery over barbecuing, deserves an equally majestic tool to tackle his culinary challenges.

The custom ProWoodCut cutting board is more than a simple kitchen utensil. It's a piece of art, a perfect marriage of beauty and function, a symbol of meticulous attention to detail and Italian craftsmanship.

If you're looking for a cutting board that's not just functional, but also a true design masterpiece, then the custom ProWoodCut cutting board might be the perfect solution for you.