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Sensei Custom end grain Cutting board


One of our best jobs ever. At first glance it seems simple, but there are hours and hours of precision work and craftsmanship behind this custom cutting board. Regular 45x30cm European ash counter-fiber base with the silhouette of the sun in the background in African movingui wood with then a new black wenge inlaid layer. To complete a SENSEI inscription in light maple hardwood on the samurai flag. Ordered by the group of friends for their master-a mythical man who knows how to do everything-just like a Sensei. Order YOUR custom END GRAIN cutting board from ProWoodCut now.


ProWoodCut and the Sensei Cutting Board: A Tribute to Style and Mastery

ProWoodCut, a benchmark company in the field of high-quality wood items, is thrilled to present a custom cutting board, a genuine homage to the art and discipline of the samurai, ordered by a group of friends for their master.

Just as a samurai sharpens his sword, so have we at ProWoodCut worked the wood, using the 'end grain' technique to ensure a cutting board of exceptional resilience and durability. And that's not all: a samurai logo has been meticulously hand-inlaid into the wood, transforming a simple kitchen tool into a work of art.

For a samurai, the sword is an extension of his spirit. Similarly, a talented cook can view his cutting board as an extension of his passion for cooking. A ProWoodCut cutting board is not just a kitchen accessory, but a tribute to culinary art and the chef's skill.

And just like a samurai, the chef tackles every challenge with discipline and dedication, "sharpening" his skills and talent on the "whetstone" of his passion for cooking. With the ProWoodCut samurai cutting board, every cut becomes a gesture of mastery, a tribute to precision and discipline.

ProWoodCut's satisfaction in creating and personally delivering this cutting board to the master is unparalleled. Seeing our work transformed into a symbol of respect and admiration has been an honour.

A ProWoodCut cutting board is the right choice for those who want a product that combines functionality, elegance, durability, and beauty. Like the samurai, always be ready to "unsheathe" your cooking talent with the ProWoodCut cutting board!

Remember: choosing a ProWoodCut cutting board means choosing excellence, attention to detail, and passion. Just like a true samurai.