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The Royal Fruit end grain cutting board by ProWoodCut

The Royal Fruit

Discover ProWoodcut's customized round cutting board: a perfect balance between functionality and art. Crafted from ash and wenge wood in end-grain, it boasts a distinctive design enriched with a vibrant tricolor resin. This artisanal creation not only celebrates Italian excellence but also pays homage to the tradition of The Royal Fruit, ensuring a unique and quality piece for your kitchen.


ProWoodCut's Personalized Circular End-Grain Cutting Board: An Artisan Masterpiece

We are proud to present one of our most distinctive pieces, acustom cutting board crafted by the skilled hands of ProWoodCut. This item is more than just functional – it's a work of art, a testament to masterful craftsmanship, exceptional materials, and keen attention to detail.

The ProWoodCut cutting board, fashioned from a striking combination of ash and wenge wood, transcends the utility of a simple kitchen utensil. It stands as a symbol of artisanal mastery, a tribute to a passion for quality and aesthetics. The blend of ash and wenge creates a unique design, with contrasting grains that make each cutting board a one-of-a-kind specimen.

What sets this cutting board apart, aside from its premium materials, is its distinctive shape: it's round, in contrast to the more conventional rectangular boards. This choice is not only visually pleasing but also provides a more versatile cutting surface, suitable for a variety of foods.

However, the true highlight of this cutting board is its end-grain construction. This artisanal technique offers not only complex visual beauty but also exceptional durability, ensuring that the cutting board withstands prolonged cuts and abrasions.

Furthermore, another element that makes the ProWoodCut cutting board unique is the use of food-grade resin for colourful details. In this case, the resin has been used to create a vibrant Italian tricolour on the board's surface, adding a splash of colour and paying homage to the unparalleled richness of Italian cuisine.

Last, but not least, is the logo of The Royal Fruit, a renowned fruit distributor, which proudly stands at the centre of the cutting board. the logo is a tribute to the acknowledgement of The Royal Fruit's long history of providing top-quality fruit.

In summary, ProWoodCut's personalized circular end-grain cutting board is not just a simple kitchen utensil. It's a symbol of quality, tradition, and passion for craftsmanship. It's an item that tells stories of skilled hands and love for food. Thanks to ProWoodCut, this story can become a precious addition to your kitchen.