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Toro Holy Custom Cutting Board

EcoTradeGroup srl

The ProWoodCut customized cutting board for EcoTrade Group, a leading charcoal producer for barbecuing, is a tribute to the art of barbecue. Featuring an inlaid logo of an angry bull with a halo, symbolizing power and purity, the cutting board requires over four weeks of work. It's not just a kitchen tool, but a piece of art telling a story of passion and dedication.


The Customized Cutting Board for EcoTrade Group: A Synergy of Art and Barbecue

In the age-old world of wood carving, each creation is unique, a piece of art forged with care and dedication. ProWoodCut has always distinguished itself for its ability to combine craftsmanship and innovation, creating products that transcend mere utility to become true masterpieces. One of the brightest examples of this philosophy is the custom cutting board crafted for the EcoTrade Group, a leading company in the production of high-quality charcoal for barbecuing.

The cutting board, crafted from sturdy end-grain wood, features an intricate inlaid logo: an angry bull with a halo above. This symbol represents the power and purity of the charcoal produced by the EcoTrade Group, essential for achieving that authentic and unmistakable flavor that only a well-executed barbecue can offer. The design of the logo, one of the most complex and complicated ever crafted by ProWoodCut, required more than four weeks of work.

EcoTrade Group is not just a charcoal manufacturer but a catalyst for unforgettable experiences. The high-quality charcoal they produce makes possible the barbecues among friends, the outdoor picnics, and the evenings spent around the fire. The personalized cutting board with the EcoTrade Group logo is a tribute to these experiences, an homage to the pivotal role that charcoal plays in these moments of sharing.

This cutting board is much more than a simple kitchen tool. Every carved line, every detail of the logo, tells a story of passion, commitment, and dedication both to cooking and to the art of wood carving. It is a unique piece that speaks of the hard work and craftmanship that lie behind every product of ProWoodCut and EcoTrade Group.

At ProWoodCut, we believe that details make the difference, and the personalized cutting board for EcoTrade Group is the perfect demonstration of this. With its unique design and superb craftsmanship, this cutting board is not just a homage to EcoTrade Group, but also a tribute to the art of barbecuing, a world where fire, charcoal, and food come together to create unforgettable experiences