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PRO WOOD CUT artisans by passion

ProWoodCut was born from the encounter between the passion for the art of woodworking and technological innovation.

Two friends, Vladimir and Vasiliy, have combined their skills to create an excellent quality product in the world of barbecue: the counter-fiber cutting board, inspired by the evocative end grain cutting boards typical of American professional kitchens.

Vasiliy, with his ability to shape wood and Vladimir, an expert in IT and marketing, have joined forces to create ProWoodCut. The combination of craftsmanship and the digital world has been the key to their success, which has led them to sell their products in over 20 countries worldwide. ProWoodCut is the expression of love for wood and innovation, with constant attention to quality and customer satisfaction.

Be inspired by our history and products, and discover how ProWoodCut can enrich your dining experiences in the world of barbecue and cooking in general.

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From the beginning, we had a clear and ambitious idea of what we wanted to achieve and which path to take. Our goal was not simply to create a pastime, but rather to build a business that combines the authenticity of craftsmanship with the innovation of a technology company. To achieve this, we have selected reliable suppliers, invested in professional carpentry machinery and worked hard to increase the visibility of our product.

We have embraced the digital world, collaborating with food influencers and youtubers, to share the passion and excellence of our work. Our vision is to create a one-of-a-kind experience for our customers by combining a love of woodworking with the opportunities offered by technology.

We are proud to be an artisan reality that looks to the future, ready to grow and evolve in the contemporary business landscape.


To achieve the high standards we have set for ourselves, we devote great attention and time to the details and nuances of our chopping boards.

We are committed to ensuring that every customer does not just receive a chopping board, but lives an intense emotion and a unique experience.

We want our customers to share these feelings with their friends and family, building trust and loyalty in our brand - ProWoodCut.


Pro Wood Cut embraces an eco-friendly philosophy, based on respect for nature and the environment that surrounds us.

Our commitment is aimed at reducing the environmental impact, thanks to the use of sustainable materials and the minimum use of chemicals.

We are proud not to produce plastic and to contribute to the preservation of our planet by ensuring a greener future for future generations.

Come to our youtube channel - prowoodcut

Learn more about our passion for craftsmanship and sustainability by visiting our YouTube channel - ProWoodCut.

Here you will find videos showing the creation process of our chopping boards, insights into our eco-friendly philosophy and many other curiosities about our brand and our products. Join us on our journey towards excellence and sustainability!

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