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How to choose the right chopping board

ProWoodCut uses the inlay technique to customise its chopping boards. This technique involves the insertion of a different coloured wood within the main wood, creating a design or text that is then an integral part of the cutting board itself.

It is important to note that not all cutting boards can be customised. For example, chopping boards with a chequered pattern or a chaotic arrangement of colours are not suitable for customisation with the inlay technique. In these cases, the rendering would not be optimal due to the alternation of colours.

However, there are chopping boards that are ideal for customisation. For example, a chopping board made of light-coloured ash, with a regular arrangement of colours, can be customised with a logo or dedication in the centre of the chopping board, depending on the customer's needs.

As for chaotic chopping boards, which cannot be customised using the inlay technique, they are, however, unique pieces that cannot be reproduced. These chopping boards are therefore an excellent gift idea for those looking for a unique and original object.

Lastly, it is important to emphasise that ProWoodCut does not use the laser engraving technique to customise its cutting boards, as this technique is superficial and not durable, unlike inlay, which guarantees long-lasting and durable customisation.

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