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ProWoodCut cutting board of Le Poulet Royal

Le Poulet Royal

Professional solid wood end grain cutting board in size 50x35cm. Made of dark American Blackwalnut with a liquid groove on the perimeter. Beautiful custom model with the logo - Le Poulet Royal - in the center spread over the full height in different woods of natural coloring. Precision pantograph machining ensures millimeter-deep inlaying of the logo to a depth of 6 mm. A handcrafted masterpiece by ProWoodCut


ProWoodCut and Le Poulet Royal: A Customized Cutting Board for Barbecue and Chicken Lovers

ProWoodCut, a leader in crafting high-quality wood items, is pleased to present a custom cutting board made for Le Poulet Royal, a true barbecue enthusiast with a particular predilection for chicken-based recipes.

The cutting board, created using the 'end grain' technique to ensure resilience and durability, is enhanced by the logo of Le Poulet Royal. This logo, which depicts a chicken, has been meticulously hand-inlaid into the wood, transforming the cutting board into a genuine symbol of Le Poulet Royal's passion for barbecue and chicken.

Chicken is known for its versatility in the kitchen, and Le Poulet Royal is a master in using this versatility to create succulent and memorable dishes. Just as a chicken can be grilled, roasted, smoked, or baked, so Le Poulet Royal has shown remarkable versatility in his approach to cooking.

For ProWoodCut, crafting this cutting board has been a tribute to Le Poulet Royal and his dedication to the art of barbecue. The satisfaction in seeing our work transformed into a symbol of respect and admiration is unparalleled.

A ProWoodCut cutting board is the right choice for those who desire a product that combines functionality and elegance, resilience, and beauty. Like Le Poulet Royal, make your cutting board an extension of your passion for cooking and a tribute to your dedication to the art of barbecue.

Remember: choosing a ProWoodCut cutting board means choosing excellence, attention to detail, and passion. Just as Le Poulet Royal did.